Sep 1, 2010

From Experience To The Act Of Transformation : Charity Work CSG-UMS 2010

From experience to the act of transformation.

That was as described by Jayronna Johnny, President of Catholic Student Group Untuk Melayani Sesama (CSG-UMS) during a Charity Work here at Cheshire Home Kota Kinabalu on 14th August 2010. He added, the experience itself will be useless when we are not able to use it to change people's view about the handicapped and disabled.

With the theme taken from Psalm 23:1 “ The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need”, this event aim to give the participants the opportunity to help the unfortunate. The 5 hour event was participated by about 40 students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. A TaizĂ© Prayer was conducted the night before the event at CSG-Center as a preparatory session for the participants. The Charity Work started at 9am of the following day with a simple briefing about the place by Mr. Fariz A. Rani, Coordinator of Sabah Cheshire Home. He said that he was very grateful that a lot of volunteers, including CSG-UMS have came forward to lend a hand, as a part of volunteers to the Sabah Cheshire Home. The program coordinator, Ariannie Charles then gave a briefing and assigning tasks according to groups formed. Tasks including the cleaning of new block compound, the dining hall and the main administrative block.

After the tasks are done, participants were given the opportunity to mingle around with the Cheshire Home residents. The activities include sing along and presenting of gifts to the residents. Before the event ended, some participants came forward to share their experience on what they have been through in this event. One of the participants, Clareline Lulin said that she was aggrieved that the lives of the residents there are beyond her perception before, thus the event gave her the eye opener to the lives of the disabled. An Accounting student, Suzie Lumboting was touched by the lives of the disabled that she realized that the lives of other than the disabled are more fortunate. Meanwhile, Cyril Jestinus, a fifth semester Biotechnology programme student felt that it was not that easy to take care of the disabled and need to learn more how to help them all.

Well done all!!


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