Dec 26, 2008



1. Once again, as the new year begins, I want to extend good wishes for peace to people everywhere. With this Message I would like to propose a reflection on the theme: Fighting Poverty to Build Peace. Back in 1993, my venerable Predecessor Pope John Paul II, in his Message for the World Day of Peace that year, drew attention to the negative repercussions for peace when entire populations live in poverty. Poverty is often a contributory factor or a compounding element in conflicts, including armed ones. In turn, these conflicts fuel further tragic situations of poverty. “Our world”, he wrote, “shows increasing evidence of another grave threat to peace: many individuals and indeed whole peoples are living today in conditions of extreme poverty. The gap between rich and poor has become more marked, even in the most economically developed nations. This is a problem which the conscience of humanity cannot ignore, since the conditions in which a great number of people are living are an insult to their innate dignity and as a result are a threat to the authentic and harmonious progress of the world community” [1].

2. In this context, fighting poverty requires attentive consideration of the complex phenomenon of globalization. This is important from a methodological standpoint, because it suggests drawing upon the fruits of economic and sociological research into the many different aspects of poverty. Yet the reference to globalization should also alert us to the spiritual and moral implications of the question, urging us, in our dealings with the poor, to set out from the clear recognition that we all share in a single divine plan: we are called to form one family in which all – individuals, peoples and nations – model their behaviour according to the principles of fraternity and responsibility.

This perspective requires an understanding of poverty that is wide-ranging and well articulated. If it were a question of material poverty alone, then the social sciences, which enable us to measure phenomena on the basis of mainly quantitative data, would be sufficient to illustrate its principal characteristics. Yet we know that other, non-material forms of poverty exist which are not the direct and automatic consequence of material deprivation. For example, in advanced wealthy societies, there is evidence of marginalization, as well as affective, moral and spiritual poverty, seen in people whose interior lives are disoriented and who experience various forms of malaise despite their economic prosperity. On the one hand, I have in mind what is known as “moral underdevelopment”[2], and on the other hand the negative consequences of “superdevelopment”[3]. Nor can I forget that, in so-called “poor” societies, economic growth is often hampered by cultural impediments which lead to inefficient use of available resources. It remains true, however, that every form of externally imposed poverty has at its root a lack of respect for the transcendent dignity of the human person. When man is not considered within the total context of his vocation, and when the demands of a true “human ecology” [4] are not respected, the cruel forces of poverty are unleashed, as is evident in certain specific areas that I shall now consider briefly one by one.

Poverty and moral implications
3. Poverty is often considered a consequence of demographic change. For this reason, there are international campaigns afoot to reduce birth-rates, sometimes using methods that respect neither the dignity of the woman, nor the right of parents to choose responsibly how many children to have[5]; graver still, these methods often fail to respect even the right to life. The extermination of millions of unborn children, in the name of the fight against poverty, actually constitutes the destruction of the poorest of all human beings. And yet it remains the case that in 1981, around 40% of the world's population was below the threshold of absolute poverty, while today that percentage has been reduced by as much as a half, and whole peoples have escaped from poverty despite experiencing substantial demographic growth. This goes to show that resources to solve the problem of poverty do exist, even in the face of an increasing population. Nor must it be forgotten that, since the end of the Second World War, the world's population has grown by four billion, largely because of certain countries that have recently emerged on the international scene as new economic powers, and have experienced rapid development specifically because of the large number of their inhabitants. Moreover, among the most developed nations, those with higher birth-rates enjoy better opportunities for development. In other words, population is proving to be an asset, not a factor that contributes to poverty.

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From the Vatican, 8 December 2008.

Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Selamat Hari Natal 2008 dan Tahun Baru 2009!!
Merry Christmas 2008 and a happy new year 2009!!
Kotobian Tadau do Krismas 2008 om toun wagu 2009!!

Khas kepada semua member2 CSG-UMS..

Merry Christmas myspace comments

New Year 2009 Comments

New Year 2009 Graphics

Dec 23, 2008

Sharing BMK 9 dari Saudara Cyril

Firstly, shallom smua. Sa tdk tau mau ckp apa lagi ni. Yg sa tau, Sa sangat2 bersyukur sama Tuhan ni skarang sebab Dia sentiasa bagi sa peluang utk menikmati cintakasih Dia. Uh wow! Haha.. Jujur sa ckp, sa slalu anggap hal2 kerohanian ni mcm perkara sampingan ja. Tapi, bla suda join ni CSG-UMS & lebih2 lagi join tu program Belia Masuk Kampung ke-9 (BMK) ctu tamparuli, sa dpt rasakan betapa indahnya cintakasih yg Dia berikan kpd kita smua bha. Gituuu..! hehe.. Mula2 tu memang berat hati juga la mau join ni BMK-9. Dalam hati sa balik2 ckp ‘siuk ka tu ah’. Lepas sa register knun, rasa mcm tdk sabar2 pula mau start. Uh wow! Hehe.. Ok, straight to the point la kio. Lepas join ni BMK, sa btul2 rasa happy oh. Pengalaman yg sa dapat ctu memang sangat2 berharga sbab melalui pengalaman itulah sa dpt mengubah diri ini. Sbelum ni, banyak perkara yg memang sa teda keinginan mau buat mungkin sbab malu, ndak biasa, takut dan semualah yang sewaktu dengannya. Biarlah Tuhan saja yg tau apa tu perkara knun. Tapi tu smua dapat sa buat & smpai skarang sa btul2 berterima kasih pada God. Sa bersyukur juga dpt kenal begitu byk saudara seiman time BMK tu. Sa btul2 dapat merasakan betapa besar & indahnya cintakasih Tuhan yg berlimpah melalui kasih sesama kawan2, kasih orang2 kampung d ctu dan kasih semua saudara seiman time BMK tu. Begitu banyak perkara yang mengajar sa utk lebih mengasihi sesama ketika melayani. Biarlah semua ni menjadi kenangan yang terindah & sumber pd kita utk lebih mengenali kasih Tuhan. Sya begitu yakin.. Teruskan melayani!

Dec 22, 2008

looking back The Past memories of CSGUMS

outing pg pulau... enjoyable....
ne la sumandak2 yang jajal ikut pg pulau tu...nda takut hitam ka???hehehe
huhu...kami join juga Group Caroling sana Kg Pulau la antara2 urang2 yang paling kuat join..haha..hujan ka apa ka...mau pigi juga..biarpun naik bukit..hehehehe
ni la c sister yang kami sayangi....hmmm..d sebelah tu..cis..tumpang glamor sija!
hmm..the happy momentof CSG UMS....Payung Boy semua ne..wakakakaka..takut hitam...
The Best Photo that i ever experienced..kunun..hahahaha..cover album ne ... bukan untuk tujuan jahat! ni tujuan bagus ne..mau reles tension..haha..some of the RSS activity..
naaa..kami pun jaga kesihatan juga bah..tiap2 petang, kami turun padang juga ..mau p main bola..mau jaga badan dan kesihatan...
ni la sekitar Hari Warga Kampus tahun 2007... buli tahan juga ramai dia kan..hehehehe
Weekly gathering yang mengeratkan hubungan antara kami semua ne.. c sixtus buat tu....trip2 mau jadi sister ka? hahaha..jan marah...
ni BMK 2006..hehehehe..buli tahan juga ramai dia ne..some of the opening event of the semester..
ni pula sana kaingaran...Retret hidup baru dalam roh ..hmmm lokasi dia ne di GROTO...
hmmmm...tingu..muka semua masih muda2 lagi..tapi...kebanyakan dari durang ne kan...suda grads bh...kecuali c jusdi,maurice,pekado,albert and clarence... huyoo..clarence ahli veteran CSG wakakakaka

Just to remember the happy moment of CSGUMS..hehehe
God Loves all of us...

Congratulation on your Graduation Day....Finally la muka2 yang suda graduate..congrats k...kamurang memang hebat bah...
hmmm..yang lain..kamu sabar dulu kio...aik jep and rudy! mana baju graduation kamu?
hahahaha...congratulation naulah....jep..jan ko jeles k..ko bisuk tu..hehehe
sain jangan tak sain k..... saja la gambar2 yang ada...kepada kawan2 yang teda gambar dia, jangan marah k. sia teda begia gambar2 kamurang..huhu...walaupun graduation tu bulan 8 lagi tapi ok juga bh kalau sia kasi post sikarang...bikin kenangan..haha

Dec 20, 2008

Jangan Pernah Berhenti Mencintainya..

Jangan pernah berhenti mencintainya, Sebab dia amat mengasihi kita, Sepatutnya kita dah tahu tu sejak dari dulu, Sehingga kita tak tersesat, dan Sentiasa bertahan demi cinta-Nya.
(Ambil lirik lagu Lion Of Judah...Hehe)

Apa2pun, sahabat2 CSG-UMS khasnya dan semua belia2 katolik amnya, JANGAN PERNAH BERHENTI MENCINTAINYA... Mengapa kita harus terfikir untuk meninggalkan Dia?

Dia yang sentiasa bersama kita, Menjaga kita, Melindungi kita dan sentiasa menolong kita dalam segala hal. Dia sungguh baik, Dia Sahabat kita.. Dia adalah yang Termulia, Teragung..

Mengapa dan Kenapa? Anda tentu pernah mendengar, melihat sahabat2 kita meninggalkan Dia, meninggalkan Tuhan kita.. Mereka menjadi ‘anak domba yang hilang’. Mereka memeluk agama lain...

Kita rasa sedih kan.. Tapi, Yesus lagi sedih... TAPI, Yesus tidak akan pernah membiarkan mereka, Dia pasti akan mencari ‘anak-anak domba yang hilang’ itu semula. So, kita juga harus sentiasa berdoa kepada Tuhan agar, mereka akan menemui jalan ‘pulang’.

Terdapat pelbagai cabaran yang perlu kita hadapi pada masa kini. Diskriminasi, Ketidakadilan dan macam2 lagi orang2 lain lakukan kepada agama kita. Kita sentiasa mempunyai cabaran dan halangan untuk mengasihi dan dikasihi.

Lihat saja di dalam Internet, terdapat pelbagai bahan2 yang menyesatkan, dan menghalang kita dari terus mencintai Yesus.

Mungkin ada diantara kamu yang belum pernah membaca artikel PALSU. Dalam majalah wanita Islam 'Muslimah', Februari 1999, terdapat satu cerita yang menarik berjudul: 'Iktibar Buat Mereka yang murtad!' (mukasurat 19-25).

Dan cerita ini juga ada tersebar meluas di Internet. Jika anda belum pernah membaca, sila baca ini, BEKAS ‘PADERI’ BESAR SABAH MEMELUK AGAMA ISLAM.

Dan ternyata, isi2 dalam artikel ini amat MENYESATKAN dan MEMPERDAYAKAN. En. TAJUDDIN OTHMAN ABDULLAH telah mencipta karangan penipuannya dengan sugguh baik sekali sehingga mampu MENIPU umat-umatnya dan juga umat2 kristian yang mudah terpedaya.

Wahai, sahabat2 katolik, sentiasalah berdoa agar, kita sentiasa diberkati oleh Tuhan Yesus Kristus.

Dec 16, 2008

Retret Hidup Baru Dalam Roh 2009

Shallom dan salam Sejahtera Buat teman-teman Seiman dalam Yesus Kristus. Sekali lagi CSGUMS akan menganjurkan RHBDR 2009. Anda semua adalah dijemput. Untuk keterangan yang lebih lanjut, sila berhubung terus dengan Saudara Sixtus- 0138841286, Gerl-0146594710, Jane-0135457187, Stef- 0138594965

Dec 15, 2008

Warna-warni BMK ke9 Kg.Bundu Tohuri & Rikos Tamparuli

Info BMK ke-9 2008
Pengarah : Lordkennylister P James, Presiden CSG-UMS
Tempat : Kg. Bundu Tohuri & Rikos, Tamparuli
Peserta : 67 Orang
Tema : “I am able to do all things through HIM who gives me strength”

Lihat dan renung, cerita dalam gambar...:)

Photo dari Friendster Sixtus, Aren, mrvalsonz, ellin..
P/s : Masih skit lagi gmbar2 ni coz main Photographer kami, En.Lord blum upload tu gambar. So, tengok lah update nanti k.. Hoho..

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