Nov 17, 2008


UMS the short form of our university and it also stands for the motto of CSG: “Untuk Melayani Sesama” (To Serve One Another)

CSG :stands for “Catholic Student Group”

Circle :symbolized unity amongst us in this group

Cross :symbolized Catholic churches

Doves :symbolized that the Holy Spirit always with us in serving our Lord

Hands :means we are ready to serve other.

Bible :the word of God is our source of strength and our way of life.

Books :the books which located outside the circle is concerning about the assumptions which sometimes can challenge our faith because the knowledge we learn not all are suit able with our servings in association.


RoMMeLL RaY said...

its very interesting to hear that our christian student have a group to praise our LOrd Jesus Crist..
Nw, I m still fight 4 the right of Christian student in all college..
but u might be know that is not a easy job moreover all the Jakmas is MASJID GUY..
i hve a dream that we can pray 4 a rosary at a public place..maybe at dewan kolej kediaman or at pejabat JAKMAS..
i will try my best to make it reality..
-Rommell Ray, JAKMAS AB-

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