Oct 11, 2008

Events Updates

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Subject: CAMPUS MASS 2008
Message: Havenu Shallom Allehem....

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
there will be a Campus Mass organised
by CSG-UMS (and is open to all
students around Sabah!). Particulars
are as follows;

Date : 24th October (FRIDAY)
Time : 7 - 9PM
Venue : Sacred Heart Cathedral
Celebrant : Rev. Fr. Nicholas Stephen

Please pass this good news to all of
your friends.. we are hoping to see
our alumni too... :) the best time to
see each other! GBus all!

From: GeRaLDiNe
Date: Friday, October 10, 2008
Message: Shallom smua...

Next week turn exco yg lead gathering...
So this are the information for that

Tarikh: 18-19 oktober 2008
Masa: sabtu (9.00am) - ahad (9.00am)
Tempat: CSG Center, Shan Tao..
Yuran: RM3 je...

Antara aktiviti2 yg menarik:
1. Sing along...
2. Praise & worship
3. Bible sharing
4. Malam perdamaian
5. Games
6. dan...banyak lg...

So, anda semua...belia kampus UMS
adalah amat dialu2kan untuk turut
serta...tia rugi tau...

Pendaftaran boleh dibuat terus atau
hubungi Miss Geraldine @ Gerl (hee..) d
013-8747753 (celcom) yer...

Tarikh tutup?? ui...mst ada! seelok2nya
jgn lewat dr 15hb oktober 2008 (rabu)

Thanx for ur time & attention...
God bless us all..

"Give yourself fully to God. He will
use you to accomplish great things on
the condition that you believe much
more in His love than in your own
weakness" Mother Teresa... ^_^


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